Kadant’s stock cleaning systems provide high efficiency removal of contaminants in pulp slurries. Cleaning involves converting pressure into high velocity using specially-designed cyclonic separators. The stock is introduced to the cone tangentially and forced to rotate at high-speed resulting in high centrifugal forces that separate the fiber from contaminants based on density and shape differences.

Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner

The Liquid Cyclone cleaner is a free vortex type heavy-duty, separator designed for efficient removal of contaminants from all types of applications including OCC coarse screen protection, refiner protection, and deflaking protection in a broke system. This low maintenance, non-plugging, vertically designed cleaner can easily be installed in any mill.

Impulse™ Rotors

The Impulse rotor is a customizable rotor for use in mechanical, chemical, and recycled fiber applications. The sloped foil design improves cylinder back flushing while the foil’s leading edge mechanically assists debris movement into the screen rejects.

Radiclone™ Hydrocyclone

Radiclone™ systems are used in applications with a high demand for pulp and paper cleanliness. The low operating and maintenance costs in conjunction with the high-performance cleaning capability offer efficient fine dirt and grit contaminant removal. The canister design minimizes cost and floor space.

Xcel™ Cleaner

Xcel™ forward cleaners are a manifold style cleaner designed to remove sand and grit type contaminants from a variety of feed stocks. Ceramics lower cones and the capability for individual valves make this style cleaner ideal for recycle applications.

X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner

Kadant’s X-Clone™ Through-Flow cleaner and XX-Clone™ cleaner provide high efficiency removal for light weight contaminants such as PSA and other sticky-type debris.

Xtreme™ Cleaner

The Xtreme™ cleaner system is a fully optimized lightweight contaminant removal solution. The systems are designed to provide the maximum lightweight (PSA, wax, and other stickies) contaminant removal efficiency as possible.