Condensate Pumps

Liqui-Mover® Pressure Powered Pump

First introduced in 1934, the Liqui-Mover pump is a pressure-powered pump that performs the same liquid transport functions as centrifugal pumps. However, the Liqui-Mover pump is based on an entirely different operating concept and has fewer moving parts than conventional centrifugal pumps.

The positive displacement condensate pump has no motors, starters, rotating shafts, mechanical seals or impellers. Instead, it uses steam or compressed air as the motive force to lift or pump liquids.

With no maintenance-intensive components to leak, wear, or fail, the Liqui-Mover condensate pump is a naturally more reliable than conventional pumps. As a result, the Liqui-Mover condensate pump will work longer, with less maintenance and far less downtime than conventional pumps.

What to look for when choosing a pump for steam condensate service:

  • Ability to handle high temperature condensate and flash steam
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven performance and reliability
ParameterElectric Centrifugal Condensate PumpsLiqui-Mover Pressure-Powered Condensate Pump
Maximum Condensate Temperature 200° F 365° F
Energy Efficiency Sized with 2:1 safety factor Sized for actual incoming load
Electricity Required Optional
Additional Flash Tank Required Optional
Rotating Parts Seal kits, motors, impellers None
Insulated Pump & Receiver No Yes
Zero Flash System No Yes
Pumping Loads & Backpressure Low High
Ease of Repair Low High

Float Level Control

The float operated Liqui-Mover condensate pump requires no electricity and is available as a complete skid-mounted assembly or as individual components for field assembly.

Float Free™ Level Control

The float free Liqui-Mover condensate pump uses a conductance level control system with capacities up to 89,000 pounds per hour for a single pump. Float free designs are available as a skid-mounted assembly or as individual components for field assembly.

Replacement Level Control

Replacement level controls are a reliable and cost-effective solution for pressure-powered pumps and pumping systems. Designed to retrofit major float-actuated pumps brands, both the float and float-free assemblies feature a bolt-on mounting flange.