Double Doctor Systems

A double doctor system provides the extra performance of two independently adjustable doctor blades within one unit. Double doctors are ideal for aiding in water removal from surfaces.

Couch Roll Double Doctor Blade

The couch roll double doctor blade is dedicated to effectively removing surface water and debris build-up on the couch roll. The couch roll double doctor blade first removes the initial layer of surface water, creating a vacuum on the underside of the blade. This vacuum extracts the debris and fillers from the couch roll holes, bringing them to the surface. The second doctor then removes the remaining surface water, fines and fillers, sending a clean roll back to the nip.

Features and Benefits

  • Fewer streaks, paper breaks, holes and cracked edges
  • Reduced moisture to the press nip
  • Improved couch efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Uniform moisture profile
  • Increased vacuum box life
  • Reduced maintenance

Suction Pressure Roll Double Doctor Blade

The suction pressure roll double doctor blade is specially designed for dewatering suction pressure rolls in tissue making applications.


  • Two independently adjustable doctor blades
  • AirSet™ doctor blade and holder technology for enhanced dewatering
  • Third blade for capturing remaining water
  • Save-all pan designed to handle water evacuation needs of the application


  • Post suction pressure roll solids increase
  • Moisture profile improvement
  • Clean holes that do not require manual cleaning
  • Reduced hydraulic pressure point at nip for more uniform attachment of sheet to coating
  • Improved felt life
  • Energy savings
  • Speed and production increases