Steam Systems

For more than 80 years, Kadant Johnson has applied a systematic, application-specific approach to solving steam and fluid handling challenges. Extensive process knowledge in steam systems engineering and the ability to integrate these systems with process equipment provides industrial processors with cost-effective solutions to steam distribution.

System Integration

The efficient integration of manufactured products into a functioning system will define the success of a capital project. Kadant Johnson offers a complete line of steam specialty products, including steam jet thermocompressors, direct injection water heaters, pumping stations, and steam joints that can be seamlessly integrated into the steam distribution system.

Single source accountability

To complete the integration of hardware and systems, technical and mechanical services, ranging from training to installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and turnkey project management are offered.

Steam Systems
Dryer Management System

Dryer Performance Evaluations

A dryer performance evaluation can help get the most from a dryer section. A comprehensive report defines improvement opportunities and quantifies the benefits of operational or equipment changes.

Dryer Management System® Control Systems

The Dryer Management System® control system allows all steam system set points to be automatically and continuously adjusted to create a stable and efficient dryer section operation.