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A Deep Dive into The World of Fiberglass Mat Production with Jerry Vandoros

Jerry Vandoros B LowThe production of fiberglass mat is crucial in our daily lives, from its use in cars and homes to renewable energy and aerospace. As the demand for fiberglass mat increases, companies are now seeking eco-friendly production equipment.

Jerry Vandoros, Director of Industrial Sales Americas at Kadant Solutions Division, is an industry expert with over 25 years’ experience. Jerry has optimized fiberglass mat production by valuing effective cleaning systems for wire longevity and performance. He has advocated for better cleaning solutions to improve efficiency in plant operations.

We will explore the crucial role of wire care in maximizing productivity and reducing downtime. Jerry will highlight Kadant Solutions' expertise in keeping the forming, saturator, and dryer wire belts free of contaminants, thus maximizing production, and reducing downtime. Jerry brings efficient solutions to fiberglass mat manufacturing by directing the focus on clean wires to improve production and avoid product reclassification.

Join us as we delve into fiberglass mat production and witness how Kadant Solutions, under the leadership of Jerry Vandoros, is transforming the industry with innovative solutions.

KB: What are the key drivers and challenges in the fiberglass mat market?

JV: The demand for lightweight and durable materials in construction and automotive industries drives the fiberglass mat market. However, we face challenges like volatile raw material prices and competition from other materials. Of course, producing the highest quality products that are defect free will continue to be a key driver.

KB: Can you give an overview of different types of fiberglass mat and their applications?

JV: There are two main types: chopped strand mat (CSM) and continuous strand mat (CMM). CSM is made from randomly oriented short glass fibers, while CMM has aligned continuous glass fibers. These mats find applications in roofing, construction, and automotive manufacturing.

KB: What are the latest trends in the fiberglass mat market?

JV: Increased usage in renewable energy applications, such as solar panels and wind turbines. Additionally, there is a focus on developing high-performance and bio-based fiberglass mats.

Picture21KB: What opportunities do you see in the fiberglass mat market?

JV: There is a great opportunity to meet the challenging wire cleaning requirements that other methods and products have found difficult to achieve. Ensuring that these wires maintain their permeability can offer substantial production and quality advantages. The M-clean™ system has been proven to do just this.

KB: How does the M-Clean system contribute to fiberglass mat production?

JV: The M-Clean system is an innovative fabric cleaning technology that effectively removes debris and contaminants, ensuring high-quality mats for applications like roofing shingles.

KB: What contaminants can the M-Clean system remove?

JV: It excels at removing all kinds of dirt, debris, and contaminants. Its high-pressure water, vacuum evacuation, and air knife system work together for thorough cleaning. In the fiberglass mat manufacturing process, the contaminants can differ depending on the machine section (forming, saturating, or drying). We are cleaning glass fibers and binders in various states of the curing process.

3KB: What should fiberglass mat manufacturers know about using the M-Clean system?

JV: With the thousands of units in operation around the world, the biggest thing that we have learned is that it is critical to choose the right cleaning head configuration, at the proper geometry and proximity to the wire. This is especially important for the dryer wire. Also, it operates with lower water pressure, significantly reducing water consumption compared to conventional systems. The simplified pumping and control system ensures efficient cleaning while saving resources.

Kadant Solutions remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring efficient and high-quality production processes in the fiberglass mat industry. Guided by Jerry, our aim is to bring game-changing, efficient, and affordable solutions to the market, presenting a compelling alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

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