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Field Service to Exceed Your Expectations: An Interview with Casey McDaniel

DaveC Action SMOur expert team of U.S.-based field service technicians provides many technical and e-services such as machine and equipment audits, preventative maintenance and repairs, Yankee doctor services, and Kadant Access Portal™ training.

I had the opportunity to speak with our new Field Service Manager, Casey McDaniel, to learn more about the field service team’s growth, digital transformation, trends, and what to consider when choosing a field service partner. Casey has more than a decade of experience in the pulp and paper and tissue industries as a district sales manager with Kadant Solutions.

V:    In the last 11 years as a district sales manager, you worked closely with mills to understand processes and provide solutions. As the new field service manager, what is your vision for the team?  

Casey McDaniel SMWe recognize that our customers value a knowledgeable, reliable, and consistent field service partner to keep equipment running efficiently. Therefore, Kadant Solutions has expanded our field service team with technicians experienced in process industries along with implementing a more hands-on training curriculum. Our vision is to be the go-to expert for technical support for Kadant Solutions products and all doctoring, cleaning, filtration, and forming products. We aim to be proactive in recognizing opportunities for enhancing equipment and processes for the mill versus being reactive when a problem arises.

V:    What changes can be expected with the new field service team?

C:    Digital transformation. We are working on the implementation of our e-Services platforms, so the customer can keep a real-time pulse on their equipment, which saves time and money. Data can be tracked for a machine and a specific piece of equipment allowing the customer to access the information in real-time. All previous work on the equipment is accessible regardless of which field service technician completed the job. Ultimately, the mill will have support not only when a district sales manager or field service technician is in the mill, but 24/7.

V:    You mentioned e-Services as part of the digital transformation, can you elaborate on the specific platforms?

C:    Our e-Services platforms include the new Kadant Access Portal (KAP) and the kConnect™ series of products, which is being launched this year. KAP is a customer portal that provides access to a comprehensive suite of process management tools through a secure online portal. Mills can track action items, quotes, service reports, drawings, orders, and machinery maps from the Kadant Access Portal. The kConnect series of products have data tracking capabilities for a specific piece of equipment that allows diagnosis of an issue quicker. These platforms are evolving as we speak, and new tools are becoming available all the time. Also, we have a new customer experience manager who is working closely with our field service team on all e-Services to provide the best user experience possible.

V:    What field service trends are you seeing within process industries?

C:    The most visible trend is something many businesses are experiencing today as a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic job market, which is a lack of experience and resources at the mill level. Because Kadant Solutions has a loyal and experienced field service team, we have the capability to alleviate or remove this burden from the customer. Our field service technicians are strategically located throughout the U.S. to be readily available.

V:    What does the field service customer experience look like?

C:    Once the customer contacts us, they can expect our team to take the time needed to understand their process and goals, so we can make holistic recommendations. There will be 100% collaboration with the mill’s team along with detailed service reports.

V:    What traits should a mill consider when searching for a field service partner?

C:    Someone that has knowledge and expertise with their processes, machines, and equipment. They should be able to work effectively with a contractor and have a time management plan to match the needs of the mill. It’s important to have a field service partner that is dependable and follows up well after the completion of a project or service

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    Vicki Hunsberger

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