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Kadant Access Portal: Taking the Customer Portal to the Next Level

KAP Webpage Graphic LaptopKadant Solutions recently launched a customer portal called the Kadant Access Portal (KAP).

The Kadant Access Portal or KAP (pronounced like “cap”) was designed with process industry manufacturing customers in mind. KAP prioritizes the customer experience with user-friendly access to a comprehensive suite of information management tools through a secure, online, self-serve portal. All mills and customers are unique, so the information is tailored to the specific wants and needs of each user.

The Kadant Access Portal streamlines access to commonly requested information and provides point-of-use data that allows customers to make informed decisions. With KAP, customers can ensure preventative maintenance activities and accurate Kadant genuine parts are identified and scheduled for optimal operations and return on investment.

What is the advantage of the Kadant Access Portal?

Korey Jerome, director of sales, service, and marketing explains, “Think of the Kadant Access Portal as a compilation of your business activity with Kadant Solutions, which includes completed in-person work. The data is updated in real time with work from our external sales and service teams, so the data never gets stale.”

Tools within KAP include the tracking of quotes, service reports with customer-assigned action items, drawings, and orders for machines and equipment throughout each facility. Users can also view and navigate to the relevant information via machinery/asset maps and equipment details. Time is saved by logging in to KAP when it’s convenient for the user.

“As part of our digital transformation, we have been singularly focused on bringing value to our customers through an enhanced customer experience,” according to Bilal Mehmood, president of Kadant Solutions. “KAP is intended to streamline access to commonly requested information and provide point-of-use data that allows our customers to make informed decisions. The KAP allows our customers to streamline preventative maintenance activities and facilitate identification of Kadant genuine parts for maximum uptime and return on investment in Kadant equipment.”

Register for the Kadant Access Portal today! KADANT AccessPortal 1C RGB

  • Written by:
    Jean Fuller

    Jean Fuller

    Jean Fuller, customer experience and 80/20 manager, has worked for Kadant Solutions for 33 years in the customer service area.

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