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Case Study: Showering Ciders Mops up the Benefits of a Direct Steam Injection Heater


The Showering Ciders Mill located in Somerset, United Kingdom, receives bushels and bushels of apples and pears per day at peak season for the production of different ciders.  The mill was losing both time and energy waiting for hot water to clean the fruit presses, which was required twice a week. The limitation with hot water availability meant operational procedures were set to work around this limitation, rather than being set to optimize production efficiency. Each press requires being cleaned individually and to comply with stringent food and safety regulations, the water must be 90° C (194° F).


kadant steam smKadant UK worked in partnership with Showering Ciders’ operations team and designed a technical solution to remove the existing tank and sparge pipe heating system with a direct steam injection heater. The direct steam injection heater was installed directly into the water line, saving floor space. Kadant Johnson systems international technical department recommended the direct steam injection heater because of its inherent feature to instantaneously heat 90m3/hr (396 gpm) of water from ambient to 90° C (194° F) in a single pass on demand.


Due to the implementation of the direct steam injection heater, Showering Ciders no longer loses time waiting for hot water when there is a need to clean the fruit presses. It also has operational certainty hot water is on hand at the required temperature when manufacturing is required to synchronize supply and demand. Direct injection uses 13% less steam in this application compared with an indirect (heat exchanger) solution, creating a more energy efficient application. What’s more, the company can realize increased production efficiency with reduced maintenance as the ancillary equipment used previous (e.g., water tanks and pumps) are now redundant.

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    Tilly Wood

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