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Safe and Consistent Cleaning of Shower Bars and Nozzles

Process shower bars and nozzles are critical components in many manufacturing processes. Applications range from low-pressure, low-flow water lubrication and chemical applications to high-flow, high-pressure cleaning application.

CrossSection Blue BkgdIn many applications, the water source, chemical additives, piping, and tank systems introduce solids into the shower bars. If these solids are larger than the shower nozzle orifice or allowed to agglomerate into a larger size, they will become lodged; disrupting the water flow causing a change in water volume, pressure, and distribution.  When this occurs, it becomes critical to clean the orifice as quickly and safely as possible to mitigate any negative impacts on the manufacturing process.

A common method for cleaning shower nozzles without negatively effecting the manufacturing process is a properly designed brush shower with automatic brush rotation. With the addition of an Auto-Brush Rotator to each brush shower, you can select how frequently you clean the nozzles and inside diameter of the shower pipe. The cleaning is initiated through a user-selected, programmed cycle.  The assembly consists of a "smart motor", mounting brackets, flush valve actuator, and power supply panel. 

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    Pat Long

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