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Unleashing the Power of In Mill Design and Field Service

Efficiency, productivity, safety, and return on investment (ROI) are paramount in the fast-paced world of industrial operations. Kadant Solutions seamlessly integrates In Mill Design (IMD) with field service, reshaping process industries like pulp and paper, metals processing, food processing, tissue, and roofing glass mat. Let’s explore the power of IMD and field service and its impact on your process.

Picture1.jpg11In Mill Design (IMD)

In mill design involves tailoring, doctoring, cleaning, filtration, and forming systems to fit seamlessly within existing infrastructure and is a game-changer for industrial operations. With field engineering, application specialists, and a proficient design team, Kadant Solutions takes IMD one step further.

Reflecting on the evolution of IMD, Tom Callahan, engineering manager at Kadant Solutions, “In the past, design processes were time-consuming and prone to miscommunication. However, the cycle time from initial design to final approval is accelerated with digitally transformed IMD.  This streamlined process minimizes lead time and maximizes efficiency, allowing the mill to operate at peak performance sooner.”

Armed with state-of-the-art laser scanning and 3D imaging technology, automation, data analytics, and predictive maintenance tools, we collaborate with mill personnel to create customized solutions. Incorporating the input of all stakeholders helps us deliver designs that enhance runability, maintenance efficiency, and overall performance. “We empower mills to thrive in the era of digital transformation, achieving enhanced efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness,” says Callahan.

Field Service

Seamless integration and ongoing support are vital for the success of any IMD. The Kadant Solutions field service team, comprised of highly trained technicians, can be involved in the IMD process to ensure a smooth transition from design to implementation.

During an IMD, the field service team ensures that the equipment is designed with consideration to ease of access for installation and preventative maintenance, identifies critical spare parts and the life expectancy of those components, and provides a preventative maintenance scope and timeline for the equipment. When we achieve that, we obtain the customer's buy-in and active participation, creating a genuine partnership that benefits all parties involved and results in a mutually beneficial outcome.

The expertise of the field service team extends beyond the IMD and can include machine and equipment audits, preventative maintenance and repairs with Kadant Solutions genuine parts, Yankee doctor services, equipment installation supervision, training, and e-services with the kConnect™ series and Kadant Access Portal (KAP).

Picture1.jpg11111For example, with on-site EMO III™ oscillator rebuilds and shower inspections, the field service team provides safe, quality, and timely maintenance services that optimize oscillator performance, showers, and equipment. By conducting comprehensive maintenance programs during annual shutdowns, the field service team helps mills achieve scheduled repairs on all showers and oscillators simultaneously, maximizing efficiency.

Casey McDaniel, technical services director, confirms, "Our commitment to seamless integration, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance empowers our customers to achieve peak performance and unwavering reliability in their IMD systems."

We stand by our dedication to providing holistic support and preventative maintenance, enabling our customers to unlock the full potential of their IMD systems and operate with confidence, efficiency, and optimal performance for years to come.

Safety Excellence

At Kadant Solutions, safety is inherent in our DNA and at the forefront of all IMD and field services. We consistently incorporate comprehensive safety measures and ergonomic considerations into every aspect of our processes, leveraging the latest technologies and adhering to industry best practices. Our expert engineers and technicians collaborate with mill personnel to seamlessly integrate safety into our solutions, from design to ongoing support.Safety Gear

Our commitment to safety extends throughout the entire lifecycle of our services, recognizing that it is an ongoing responsibility. We firmly believe that by prioritizing safety alongside efficiency and innovation, we empower industrial operations to thrive in a protected and secure environment.

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