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Advanced Roll Cleaning Solutions – Do You Really Know All Your Options?

There are many ways to keep rolls clean, but they all have the same goal: to remove contaminants from the roll during the production process. Installing a roll cleaning system is a relatively simple and low-cost investment, but the benefits can be significant. Proper roll cleaning can improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent defects.

Improper roll cleaning can actually damage the roll, so it's important to use the right method for your application. There are a variety of roll cleaning methods available, including doctoring, flaking, scraping, showering systems, cleaning pads, and traversing mechanisms.

Roll cleaning is beneficial for a wide range of industries, including construction roofing materials, food processing, metals processing, nonwovens, pulp and paper, tissue, lithium-ion batteries, textiles and fibers, and drum drying. Roll cleaning has benefits in any application with a continuous process that uses rolls.

The following webinar will discuss the importance of roll cleaning and how it can improve your process. You'll learn the best practices for roll cleaning, as well as critical items to consider when determining the best solution for your application. The webinar will also provide specific solution ideas.

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  • Written by:
    Aaron Hickman

    Aaron Hickman

    Business Development Manager, Kadant Solutions Division

    Scott Borges

    Scott Borges

    Scott Borges, product line manager, has worked for Kadant Solutions for 22 years and currently manages doctor and roll cleaning products and services.

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