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Kadant Sells 1,000th M-clean™ Cleaning System

Recently Kadant achieved a sales milestone with 1,000 M-clean systems sold worldwide. M-clean Papertech AB was acquired by Kadant Inc. in 2011 for its patented technology, predominately in dryer screen cleaning in the paper and pulp industry. This equipment is renowned for its ability to effectively clean dryer fabrics operating in the most demanding applications.

David Moss, regional sales manager at Kadant UK has stated that “The use of an M-clean system can improve profitability by reducing machine downtime, saving steam, and getting fewer customer complaints from the converting industry.”

In 2013, David worked in partnership with DS Smith Kemsley Mill to install 13 M-clean dryer screen cleaners. The problems Kemsley experienced were sheet breaks from contaminated dryer fabrics, higher steam usage, and issues in their converting plants due to stickies in the finished paper. Before being awarded the project, production operatives from Kemsley were invited to Huskvarna, Sweden to the M-clean research and development plant to witness cleaning trials carried out on used fabrics from the paper machines at Kemsley. In the six years since the installation, another two systems have been ordered while the original 13 are serviced monthly to keep the system operating efficiently.

Today M-clean equipment has branched into applications including cleaning forming fabrics, which has the benefit of extensive water savings. Kadant is also working with a company in France on an industrial application involving wall paneling.

Learn more about the M-clean system and different applications.   

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

    David Moss

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