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What Does an EMO III™ Oscillator Service Light Mean?

EMO III PanelWith over 15,000 installations, the EMO III electro-mechanical oscillator offers control, reliability, and safety worldwide. The low frequency (low speed) oscillator is designed and proven to provide excellent fluid distribution for cleaning and conditioning machine clothing.

A popular component of the EMO III oscillator is the control panel used for monitoring the system. The control panel is equipped with an amber service light that illuminates approximately every 800,000 inches/20,000 meters of shaft travel, which indicates it’s time for preventative maintenance. Performing regular maintenance will save wear and tear on the larger components of the equipment saving cost in the long term.

Watch this video to learn about the EMO III oscillator service light.

An EMO III oscillator maintenance kit is available from Kadant that includes all the parts, grease, and oil that need to be replaced during this service.

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  • Written by:
    Vicki Hunsberger

    Vicki Hunsberger

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Solutions

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