Pioneering products with long product life cycles is an intrinsic element of our culture. We are committed to focusing on our customers’ wants and needs, and innovation is how we deliver on this commitment.

Product Development

From our earliest years, we have focused on engineering products and processes that help our customers improve operating efficiency, reduce the consumption of resources and energy, and increase productivity.

Pioneering Products with Long Product Life Cycles


Industrial roll and belt cleaning


Stock preparation system


Rotary steam joint


Composite doctor blades for cleaning


High-speed rotary debarker


Creping doctor for high-speed tissue production


Strander for oriented strand board


Conformatic XL creping blade holder


Disposable knives


Verilite roll cleaning for carbon fiber


ISK Knives for oriented strand board


BoosTEK Screen Optimizer


Direct Discharge disk filter


AccuFlake Pro for food processing


Smart grapple hoist


XCEL NT forward cleaner


PT2X high-pressure, high-speed rotary joint

Shared Values


We recognize that perfect is the enemy of the good. While we strive for data integrity and completeness, we proactively respond to organizational and customer needs to deliver actionable, innovative solutions in as short a time as possible.


We engage with colleagues internally and across the globe to expand our horizon and envision the future. We seek participation from others to strengthen our ideas and deliver outputs that satisfy internal and external needs and create preference for our technologies and solutions.


We strive to remain alert to developments outside of our expectations that can lead to a greater situational awareness, improved decision-making, and better outcomes. We look for opportunities to move us into the future by being active, connected, and cognizant in the present.

Respect for diversity in thinking.

Alternative methods of accomplishing tasks are highly valued. We seek diverse opinions different from our own and from those who may be far removed from our domain to confirm or refute our current thinking. We ask ourselves, “What is she seeing that I am not? What is leading him to suggest that approach?”

Research Facilities

While most suppliers are preparing for the future, we are creating it. Our research and development activities are the force behind the patented technologies and innovative products that we bring to process industries worldwide.
With major R&D facilities in Europe and the USA, we are uniquely positioned to address process industry challenges and needs. In addition to internal product development activities, our research centers allow customers to simulate their own operating conditions and applications to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement.

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