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Kadant Johnson to Offer Donahue Steam Products

Kadant Johnson Inc. has expanded its corrugator steam and condensate handling systems to now include Donahue steam systems, Donahue steam traps, and corrugator audit services. With the retirement of John and Maureen Donahue from Donahue & Associates International, Inc., the former employees of Donahue & Associates have joined Kadant Johnson.

“John Donahue and his staff have built a solid reputation for corrugator steam systems and plant optimization. We are pleased to now be able to offer our ThermoMax™ steam system complemented by Donahue steam technologies as part of our core offering to corrugator plants,” said Greg Wedel, president of Kadant Johnson.

“After 50 years of service to the corrugating industry, Maureen and I are very happy to see our customers served by Kadant Johnson,” said John Donahue, president of Donahue & Associates International. “Kadant Johnson has been a pioneer in steam specialty products and systems since its founding in 1933. The addition of Donahue steam technologies to Kadant Johnson’s product offering further strengthens Kadant Johnson’s position in steam and condensate systems for the corrugating industry.”

Donahue products include the Donahue steam system with high-pressure condensate receiver, recognized for its high energy efficiency; Donahue steam traps; and the variable moisture steam shower. Donahue systems, components, spare parts, and boiler room optimization services will now be offered exclusively by Kadant Johnson.

  • Written by:
    Danielle Rohrer

    Danielle Rohrer

    Director Marketing, Kadant Inc.

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