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Ceramic-Tip Creping Blade Manufactured in the USA

One year after announcing the launch of CeraEdge™ creping blades, Kadant Solutions now has expanded its manufacturing capacity for the product line in the U.S.  The facility, located in Auburn, Mass. just outside of Boston, allows for a quicker turnaround time compared to bringing the product in from our European facility.

The CeraEdge creping blade line is for use in the tissue industry. The creping blade utilizes a thermal spray technology to offer a unique ceramic-tipped blade that provides tissue producers with excellent creping performance in terms of operating life and tissue properties.

Being able to manufacture the CeraEdge blades in the U.S. allows us to quickly and efficiently serve our customers. This means on-time deliveries and easier inventory management.

The CeraEdge L creping blade is designed for applications seeking extended blade life resulting in high productivity and maximum asset utilization. For tissue producers seeking high tissue softness, the CeraEdge S creping blade is recommended for relatively dirty furnish due to its insensitivity to particles and contaminants. The thermal stability of both products reduces blade buckling, twisting, and warping compared to other products in the marketplace.

The new CeraEdge creping blades fit nicely in Kadant’s product portfolio for tissue producers, which includes Yankee doctor systems and holders, spray booms, suction pressure roll doctors, steam and condensate equipment, and technical service. This puts Kadant in a unique position to become a valuable partner in the tissue making process and not just a blade supplier.

Watch this video about the CeraEdge creping blade product line.

  • Written by:
    Jerry Vandoros

    Jerry Vandoros

    Technical Director, Kadant Solutions Division

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