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Inexpensive and Cost-Effective Doctor Solution for a Paper Machine

VeriKleen Paper MachineAs part of Kadant’s extensive range of doctor products the VeriKleen™ roll cleaner assembly was originally designed for use in industrial processes that needed a compact cleaning system such as food processing and metals processing. Only recently has the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly been used successfully in doctoring paper machine drying cylinder applications. The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly was installed in a paper mill seeking an inexpensive and cost-effective solution for machines running up to 300 m/min and support/bearing centers up to 3.6 m.

The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly comprises of a robust teardrop-shaped aluminum extrusion with a choice of positions for the journals, which are then pressed into one of the three holes passing through the extrusion. The doctor can be provided with manual pressure rig loading or air cylinder loading depending on customer preference.

The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly features a lightweight metal alloy construction, compact design to suit tight locations, configurable for wet, dry, harsh, and high-temperature environments. Benefits include a large selection of blade materials for any application, effective cleaning at minimal loading pressure, and a quick blade change design taking only seconds which reduces downtime.

  • Written by:

    David Moss

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