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Keys for Choosing a Fabric or Roll Cleaning Supplier

Although there are many criteria to consider when selecting a supplier of traversing showers for fabric or roll cleaning equipment, the most important is to choose a system that delivers the desired results, which in most cases includes improved runnability and increased productivity. A knowledgeable supplier will take the time to understand particular applications and propose the right equipment configuration, not just send a quote. Price is always a consideration and the differential between suppliers may seem considerable when simply comparing the initial purchase cost. However, the difference is generally indicative of the quality of the equipment or components and the design required to achieve optimum cleaning. If the right equipment is selected, the return on investment will easily justify any price difference.

MultiJet BrushItems to seek when searching for a fabric or roll cleaning equipment supplier:

  • Proven results via installation references
  • Innovations that others are trying to emulate
  • A global footprint
  • Local service and technical support

Kadant has over 600 successful installations of its fabric and rolling cleaning systems worldwide on extremely demanding applications. Learn more about Kadant’s advanced M-clean™ cleaning systems.

  • Written by:
    Steve Fielding

    Steve Fielding

    VP - Corporate Accounts, Kadant Inc.

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