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Meet the Kadant UK Process Solutions Team

Five highly accomplished engineers create the Kadant UK process solutions team. The main priorities of the team are to service Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East with steam and condensate handling systems that increase productivity, lower carbon footprint, and reduce costs.

Rob Parker SMRob Parker – Engineering Manager Rob was an accomplished engineer when he began his career at Kadant UK in 2007. He had a large array of knowledge about the paper industry and steam systems due to a previous apprenticeship and a degree in mechanical engineering, with a specialization in thermo-dynamics. Rob is now the engineering manager of the process solutions team and is responsible for the development of technical solutions on large industrial projects and managing the design office located in Otley, UK. Rob stated, “The best thing about working for Kadant UK is the variety of projects in terms of technical challenges and the opportunities to travel the world.”

Mohammed Qasim SMMohammed Qasim – Senior Systems Engineer Mohammed (Mo) started his career at Kadant UK in 2003, after graduating from Hertfordshire University with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He has extensive experience in process systems design and control from developing initial design concepts all the way through to turnkey system delivery. Given the international nature of Kadant operations, a key highlight has been traveling the world and meeting people from different cultures. Mo focuses on creating unique process system solutions for customers in all territories and increasing his knowledge by getting his hands dirty at any opportunity. His long tenure is testament to the excellent working culture at Kadant, he states “The systems office consists of a tight knit and talented group of multi-disciplinary people; as a team we punch well above our weight”.

James Hattersley SMJames Hattersley – Project Draftsman A draftsman for a glass refracting company and a point of sales at plastic displays are some of the roles that James held before being hired at Kadant UK in November 2011. He gained a bachelor’s degree at the University of Huddersfield in computer-aided design in engineering before entering the industry. He brings with him 11 years of knowledge and skills related to being a project draftsman. Similar to Daniel, James uses Autodesk Plant 3D to create 3D configurations for the paper and tissue industry. His goals are to work towards “improving the continuous workflow of projects and help implement new 3D technology into the company”.

John Shaw SMJohn Shaw – Project Engineer John is the newest member joining Kadant UK in February of 2019 and is an experienced mechanical engineer with an HND in mechanical and production engineering. He has extensive experience as a design engineer, project engineer, quality manager, and spent several years in international technical sales and account management in a diverse range of market sectors including industrial wash plant, oil and gas, and specialist machining. John’s role at Kadant UK, nominally as a project engineer takes advantage of this spread of experience and includes project engineering, quality system management, design drafting, and supplier evaluation and monitoring. “This range of responsibilities is one of the things that makes my job at Kadant UK so challenging and enjoyable,” John commented.

  • Written by:

    Helen Phillips

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