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New Genuine Parts Doctor Maintenance Kit Now Available

HiRes 7 SMIn keeping with the quality and integrity of the genuine parts program, Kadant Solutions has developed a doctor maintenance kit that contains the tools necessary for the proper upkeep of doctoring equipment. The kit includes the following essential doctor maintenance components.

  • The AngleSet™ gauge is used to measure blade angles and check blade level with an accuracy of ±0.2 degrees.
  • A DST tube puller assembly which securely connects the end of a DST tube still installed in a blade holder to the end of a replacement DST tube and allows easy pulling of the replacement tube into the blade holder by pulling the old tube out of HiRes 13 SMthe blade holder.
  • The valve removal tool which is used to loosen or remove the gasketed valve present on the hose end-fittings of Kadant liquid-filled hoses. The valve can be temporarily loosened when air is bleeding from a tube or removed completely to replace its gasket or the entire valve.
  • A cannon level assembly is a simple, small but accurate bubble-style level designed to quickly confirm whether a blade rests on a roll in the required horizontal (level) orientation. The bubble is clearly visible from all directions which is useful in cramped conditions.
  • A feeler gauge is a thin (0.010”) stainless steel strip used to probe for gaps between a blade and the surface to which it’s loaded.
  • The DST top plate tube equalizing fitting is used to apply equal air pressure to the load and unload tubes of a DST style holder causing the top plate to assume the neutral position (parallel to the tube tray) necessary for correct blade holder setup and alignment to the doctored roll.
  • The journal lever position-locking tool is used to drill a recess into a doctor journal which prevents the lever from moving when loaded.

Genuine KSD Parts Icon SM“Using the genuine parts doctor maintenance kit will help to ensure your doctor is running effectively for optimum production,” according to Scott Borges, product line manager for doctoring at Kadant Solutions. Look for the Kadant genuine parts seal to be reassured you are using the highest quality parts.

  • Written by:
    Vicki Hunsberger

    Vicki Hunsberger

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Solutions

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