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Paper - Sustainable and Recyclable

The Kadant family of companies help maximize the life cycle of paper and paper-based products. This includes equipment for converting sustainably farmed trees into pulp, efficiently making paper and paper products, processing recycled materials, and the creation of end-of-life cycle products that are 100% biodegradable. Learn how the Kadant businesses work to maximize the sustainability and recyclability of paper-based products.

Tree harvesting - Debarkers, chippers

Trees are a renewable resource and pulpwood trees can be sustainably farmed and harvested. Nicholson, Valone Kone, and Kadant Carmanah provide debarkers for tree processing and Kadant Carmanah also builds chippers for creating virgin pulp.

Papermaking - Rotary joints, doctor blades and cleaning

Paper can be made from sustainable virgin fiber or recycled fiber. Kadant Johnson builds rotary joints and other equipment used in paper drying, while Kadant Solution's doctor blades remove debris from dryers and their cleaning and filtration systems remove process contaminants.

Paper recycling - Balers, detrashers and cleaners, pulpers

Paper-based products can be recycled five to seven times.* Kadant PAAL builds the machines that bale wastepaper for transport, while Kadant Black Clawson and Kadant Lamort detrashers, cleaners, and pulpers help turn it back into pulp for making new products.

Corrugated packaging - Steam systems, rotary joints, and syphons

Recycled pulp is often used to make the paper in corrugated packaging (boxes). Boxes can then be used repeatedly or recycled back into pulp. Kadant Johnson builds steam systems, rotary joints, and other equipment for making boxes.

Fiber-based granules - Granular carriers, industrial absorbents

After repeated recycling, the pulp fiber lengths become too short to bond into usable paper. Once this occurs, Kadant GranTek recycles the fiber by-products into 100% biodegradable granular products used as industrial absorbents or granular carriers for other products. 

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  • Written by:
    Casey Beck

    Casey Beck

    Director of Marketing, Kadant Johnson

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