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L-PACK Russia; Sustainable Packaging, Strong Customer Support

L-PACK leadership in Russia: From recycled fiber to corrugating and complete branding solutions—always delivered with a smile.

Petr Karanchuk, CEO of L-PACK, has brought new life to Lipetsk, Russia, using the country’s own recovered fiber to produce packaging for leading brands.

Says Karanchuk, “We are a pioneer in Russia, making packaging from packaging. This means the transport box to the branded packages inside. Our customers appreciate us for our fast order processing and quality packaging. They also value the positive experience of interacting with our people who care about sustainability.”

A huge leap ahead for L-PACK was there decision to purchase a large 4.8 width meter printing and writing machine from Europe in 2017 and converting it for the packaging segment. Starting up in March of 2019, the completely rebuilt infrastructure houses stock preparation lines for OCC and a complete special stock preparation line for Used Beverage Cartons (UBC), two paper machines, two corrugating lines and other specialty converting equipment to make a wide range of premium packages. The stock preparation systems are from Kadant Lamort.

Modest beginnings, now the biggest in recycled linerboard

L-PACK, founded in 2001, produces singlewall and doublewall corrugated containerboard and a full range of grades. In addition to the standard list, the range of products includes micro-corrugated board, large-scale packaging and fanfold.

Their own raw materials base, cooperating with the leading suppliers of raw materials (Arkhbum, Ilim) and continuous modernization of production ensure the dynamic development of the company. Since 2002, an annual increase of volume of production has been more than 10%.

The production cycle starts with waste paper, which is used to make testliner and fluting. The paper serves as raw material for corrugated containerboard. The ready sheets then go to converting machines, where they are turned into our final product – corrugated packaging.

Learning from a supplier how to partner

Photo 2 SMAdds Ivan Grishin, leader of paper production, “Kadant Lamort has played a crucial role gearing up for our new pulping capabilities. They were in close contact well before we started up. They provided insights and on-site training, including Skype conferences every week.

As a result, our twin stock preparation lines provide UBC and OCC run smoothly, overcome by stickies and contaminants. Kadant has helped us troubleshoot when a problem arises, and are ready to back us up virtually or at the mill on short notice. This includes our Tetra Pak UBC line, which is the first in Russia.

Their equipment for stock preparation assures us of a high level of fiber quality, lower energy usage and top quality—even from variable quality recycled waste.”

Kadant OCC Line technology

The OCC line has a capacity of 800 bone-dry metric tons per day featuring the latest technology for the production of recycled corrugated container, enabling the mill to operate with low energy consumption and high capacity.

The system includes a Hydrapulper® low consistency continuous pulper, a heavy duty and high efficiency detrashing system that includes the Hydraflow continuous detrasher & trashwell design, followed by high density cleaners. It also features a coarse screening system that features removal of large & heavy debris allowing fiber free rejects, including Styrofoam, as well as high-efficiency Fiberwall® screen cylinder design to assure the best stickies removal.

Grishin comments that “L-PACK selected Kadant for this greenfield project based on proven OCC equipment technology and track record of successful rebuilds.”

Proven multi-stream repulping technology; the Tetra Pak UBC advantage

Photo 3 SmDelivering a high yield of non-contaminated fiber and separating of plastics and aluminum is not easy. Because the traditional approach for a pulper cleaning system is limited by the size of the rejects handling system and the number of cycles possible it fell short.

L-PACK’s streamlined UBC recycling system from Kadant, referred to as the LP Recycling System, includes a specially designed Helidrum® pulping system, a compact All-in-one ScreenOne screening, and a novel reject treatment, where the fiber is recycled and used by the board mill, and independent "clean" streams of polymers and aluminum from post-consumer waste are ready for recycling or recovery.

Compact Liquid Packaging Recycling System benefits include:

  • Photo 4 SMAluminum and polymers value streams from the pulper— fiber free, ready to be reused
  • Producing high quality final pulp without residual aluminum or plastics
  • Extremely sustainable solution; energy savings with low temperature pulping & chemical free operation
  • No shredding to prevent potential aluminum debris in the final pulp
  • High yield of all raw materials and end products
  • Closed water loops.

“L-PACK’S LP Recycling is compact and innovative, requires no shredder or forward cleaners, reverse cleaners, dispersing or kneading devices,” Marcello Giorgi, Kadant Lamort global sales and marketing director. “A notable feature of L-PACK’s OCC line is furnish with high mechanical strength, giving them a marketing advantage with their packaging board.”

Continues Giorgi, “We are proud of our partnership and successful journey with L-PACK. Continuous improvements will help them stay at the top with leading branders.”

  • Written by:

    Martin Koepenick

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