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Producing High-End, 100% Recycled Containerboard with Kadant Foundations

KBC PHOTO FULL OCC INSTALL SMThe Kadant Foundations™ fiber processing product line is a preferred solution to meeting your demanding stock preparation performance targets. Our tailored systems are developed after careful consideration of your unique application challenges to create the most sustainable and profitable process. These include our innovative Hydrapulper® pulping system and Hydrapurge detrashing as well as coarse, fine, and approach flow screening. This state-of-the-art technology is backed by Kadant’s long innovative industry expertise, and its’ extensive and proven product install base.

Kadant offers efficient dependable paper pulp processing solutions with robust cleaning and screening lines to maintain the highest quality and strength of the finished product. These systems can also include Kadant’s proprietary long fiber fractionation process to assure the optimized capture of pulp fiber and best provide for the products’ optimum performance. Learn more about the complete Kadant Foundations product line.

  • Written by:

    Peter Alexander

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Black Clawson

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