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Express Expansion Joint Shipping

unasphere expansion jointWhen it comes to protecting expansion joints from excessive forces and/or outside elements, it’s a forgone conclusion to perform regular inspections to protect against premature failure.

Elements like subzero temperatures, extreme heat, or where ozone are all major factors for deteriorating outer layers of the expansion joint. Furthermore, accommodating the everyday movement from thermal growth caused by temperature shifts or mechanical growth deteriorate the effectiveness of your expansion joint systems causing underperformance and ultimately failure. Often expansion joint replacements are planned and scheduled but unforeseen failures can occur and can have great impact on your daily operations. Having available stock can be critical to avoiding this problem.

Kadant Unaflex, offers the Superflex Style 1000 and Unasphere Style 800 expansion joints in a variety of stock sizes and materials. The Superflex Style 1000 offers high working pressure, vacuum capabilities, and greater movement capacity. The Unasphere Style 800 offers the benefits of inexpensive precision molded elastomers and polyester tire cord with rotating flanges for those misaligned bolt holes. Both styles are available in standard sizes from 1” to 20” and a variety of elastomers. These stock options can be shipped from Kadant Unaflex to you within 24 hours or less.

  • Written by:

    Matt White

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