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Sustainability - A Core Part of Kadant Johnson’s Business

SUSTAINABILITY SMSustainability has become the center of many discussions amongst all types of industries and segments. The awareness about the need to protect our world’s resources and health is increasing with the impact that is generated through human activity.

For Kadant Johnson, sustainability is inherent in everything that we do, from products to solutions. Through our activities, we can offer high quality solutions that increase productivity and efficiency while diminishing the energy expenditure in many industrial processes. Across various industries, fluid handling products have a reputation for performance and durability, and many products have been in continuous service for decades.

A great example is our steam technology solutions for pulp and paper mills and corrugated packaging plants. According to McKinsey, sustainability needs to be redesigned as industry efforts in this segment are often centered around a desire to decrease leakage, improve circularity, and reduce carbon footprint. More than that, packaging players need to address sustainability as a core component of their strategy. For that, they need to identify growth opportunities and partners who have the capabilities and skills to deliver such solutions. That is one of the reasons why steam technology is used in paper mills and corrugated packaging plants.

In addition to that, these other products also play a big role on certifying more sustainable industrial processes.

  • Written by:
    Karen Beker

    Karen Beker

    EMEAI Marketing Manager, Kadant Johnson Europe

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