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Visit Kadant Johnson at The Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany

THE BATTERY SHOW Blog PostE-mobility is booming. There are currently over 420,000 electric cars on the roads in Germany, as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles that can also be charged. And the trend is rising.

The most expensive component in an electric car is the battery. Currently, batteries or accumulators with lower weight and higher performance are being installed. These are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. And it is precisely this topic that everything will revolve around at the upcoming trade fair, The Battery Show, in Stuttgart November 30 to December 02, 2021. More than 450 suppliers and industry experts from the entire battery supply chain are expected to attend. Exhibition booths and numerous presentations invite guests and exhibitors to exchange ideas.

Battery manufacturing

The production of lithium-ion batteries is a delicate production step in the manufacturing of an electric vehicle, as it accounts for a central value. The battery not only has a decisive influence on the range of the vehicle but is also a safety-relevant component.

In the industrial production of so-called anodes and cathodes, copper carrier foils are coated with a graphite mixture for anode production, while an aluminum carrier foil is coated with a lithium mixture for cathode production.

This is done using bright chrome-plated rollers that become contaminated with residues from the graphite/lithium application during the production process. This necessitates continuous cleaning of the roller surfaces during production, as impurities could damage the product, i.e., the battery.

Another component in battery/battery production is the battery separating foil. This foil is placed between the anode and cathode to separate the electrodes. It is also manufactured on a special machine that has several highly polished chrome rollers, which can become contaminated during the production process. Since homogeneity of the separating foil is essential to avoid cell closure and ultimately a short circuit, the rollers must be carefully cleaned.

Special roll cleaning systems from Kadant

For both applications, Kadant has developed special cleaning concepts that continuously clean the rolls using a so-called doctor system (e.g., the VeriLite or VeriKleen roll cleaning assemblies) and a doctor blade adapted to the process.

In addition to increased machine uptime, product quality is the key reason a Kadant roll cleaning system is in demand in the battery industry by end users and machine builders alike.

Visit Kadant Johnson Germany at booth 455 along with FlexoConcepts and learn from our experts everything about our products and their possible applications.


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