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What is Desuperheated Steam?

Desuperheated steam results when “superheated” steam either naturally or by design is reduced in temperature to the saturated steam temperature or slightly above. Desuperheated steam can occur naturally via heat loss in pipework or it can be deliberately induced with a desuperheater device. A desuperheater device injects a controlled amount of water into the superheated steam. The steam temperature is reduced by evaporative cooling from the water being injected into the superheated steam thereby lowering the temperature to allow for more efficient downstream use of the steam.

Benefits of desuperheated steam

  • Desuperheated steam protects process equipment further down the production line
  • Improves heat transfer at the point of steam energy use
  • Makes steam usable for downstream applications

Fun fact: You receive more steam out of a desuperheater than you put in!

Steam 1

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

    Mohammed Qasim

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