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Why Reputation and Referrals Matter in Steam Equipment Service

Mark Franks Hard HatMost new customers to Kadant Johnson Services are through referrals and over the years we have grown our business with this simple formula; we do high quality work, build our reputation, and win new customers through referrals. I am Mark Franks, services division director at Kadant Johnson. I have worked around steam and condensate systems for forty years and have learned that our reputation is why customers choose my team over others.

An example of the power of a referral is from a customer I met long ago. He was an operations manager when we first worked at his mill. Today, he is a senior vice president. As his career progressed and he moved locations, he recommended us at every mill he worked in. This was not based on my relationship with him, since I had only met him once, this was based on him observing the work we did. He knew we did high quality work and trusted we would do the same at his new location.

To date we have serviced over 100 paper mills and over 40 corrugated packaging plants. This includes internal inspections, NDT, equipment installation, repairs, steam trap surveys, and dryer cleaning. We share best practices and insights across these locations. Our breadth of qualifications allows us to open and close manholes as well as fix issues we find. This simplifies and streamlines the service process for customers. During NDT, we not only focus on the pressure vessels, but we also look for missing gaskets and damaged hardware and if it is degrading between NDT audits. In summary, we do high quality work and our reputation is earned.

My goal is that every new customer refers us to our next new customer. Ask our customers for a referral, you will like what you hear.

  • Written by:
    Mark Franks

    Mark Franks

    Director of Mechanical Services, Kadant Johnson

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