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Meet the Kadant UK Apprentices

Kadant UK Ltd recently appointed three apprentices:

Jack McHale SMJack McHale, Welding / Fabrication Apprentice

Jack chose Kadant UK because of the hands-on experience offered as opposed to being taught in a classroom. He has been learning the elements of the welding trade such as understanding technical drawings, the effects of heat on metal, and gaining experience of welding spray nozzles and other aspects of doctor systems that Kadant UK manufactures. He has been working closely with the highly skilled members of the fabrication team. Jack believes in quality and working consistently to a high standard.

“Kadant UK has lived up to my expectations, I have already gained a lot of hands-on experience in welding compared to being taught in a college where I may only have two days a week in a workshop”

Dylan Allan Tyler SMDylan Allan-Tyler, Fitting / Mechatronics Apprentice

When Dylan came for his interview at Kadant UK he liked what he saw and how the production floor ran. He thought Kadant UK would be the perfect company for him to gain his qualifications and begin his career with.

Dylan is training to become a fitter by testing and repairing shower oscillators and ensuring that they are to the specifications the customer has ordered. He will also be trained on customer site installation and maintenance projects. Dylan considers quality to be something that has been done or made properly with no hindrance on the excellence of the work. This includes carrying out the correct processes and in turn they will attract the highest level of satisfaction from the customer, making them want to come back for more because of the high level of goods provided.

“When I applied for the apprenticeship, I understood exactly what I would have to do, and Kadant UK has met those requirements perfectly. I knew I would be balancing hands on work with a more classroom-based side which would take up 20% of my total course”

Joshua Naylor Wright SMJoshua Naylor-Wright, Fitting / Mechatronics Apprentice

Joshua selected Kadant UK as he was drawn to the professionalism and friendliness of everyone he met within the company. It was clear to him that Kadant UK always strives to be the very best within the industry. He also believes that it is important to complete an apprenticeship with a company that looks after its staff and customers similar to the way the Kadant UK does.

So far, Joshua has been working closely with many highly experienced members of the team who are passing on their knowledge and supporting him closely in his apprenticeship. He has had the opportunity to work on several projects including field and installation services which have given him a fantastic insight into what Kadant UK products are used for and what Kadant does.

Joshua believes that you must take great care and attention with the job that you are completing to ensure that the finished product is the best it can be when received by a customer. He also feels that by working together as a team, the job is likely to be of a higher quality.

“So far, my apprenticeship has far exceeded all expectations. In such a short space of time I have been given a large amount of responsibility when using tools and equipment. I have been given excellent help and support from all staff members and I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship at Kadant UK.”

  • Written by:

    Helen Phillips

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