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Hazards of Using Knock-off Parts

In most cases, knock-off rotary joint parts and genuine parts look identical and typically the costs of a knock-off part are lower than an OEM genuine part. This makes it very tempting to go with the knock-off part. However, the old saying of “you get what you paid for” is always the case when using knock-off rotary joint parts.

When using these types of parts instead of OEM genuine parts, you risk:

  • Operator safety
  • Machine efficiency
  • Rotary joint performance

Extensive research, time, and money are invested in developing OEM products to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance are met. When using knock-off parts, there is no guarantee these components meet the OEM’s current standards. They are not subjected to the OEM quality requirements or design standards and are often made from different materials which drives the lower purchase cost. Off-spec designs, however, can affect the function and safety of the product, which can lead to premature wear, damage to equipment, and even accidents, putting operators at a considerable safety risk.

Hazards of Using Knock Off Parts

  • Written by:
    Danielle Rohrer

    Danielle Rohrer

    Director Marketing, Kadant Inc.

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