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Specialty Paper Manufacturer Optimizes Blade Change Process

ChallengePaper Mill Kaemmerer Blade Cabinet SM
At the Kämmerer paper mill in Osnabrück, Germany, the process of changing blades on paper machine 3 (PM3) had to be optimized. To change a blade, the fitter had to go to the storeroom, pick out a blade, and bring it to the paper machine. This cost valuable time and was unsafe because the blades were transported loose. In the past, PM3 had to be shut down for two hours because the right blade could not be found in the storeroom. A different solution was needed to avoid future breakdowns. The production manager of PM3 wanted the blades stored near the paper machine and no longer in the storeroom.

Kadant Johnson Germany won the project with a concept that provided fewer blades for many positions, a blade trolley directly at the paper machine, and continuous service by experienced service staff. The most important blades are now stored in a blade trolley at PM3 with a second cabinet located in the production hall for easy blade restocking. A Kadant Johnson Germany service representative regularly assists the papermaker during shutdowns when blades need to be replaced, angles recorded, wear inspected, blades counted, and accurate blade reordering information provided.

Paper Mill Kaemmerer Blade Trolley SM

The customer is satisfied with this highly optimized solution. The distances for the fitter to change the blade are shorter, the risk of accidents has been reduced, and the paper machine has not been shut down because the right blade could not be found.

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  • Written by:
    Kira Pelz

    Kira Pelz

    Sales and Marketing, Kadant Johnson Deutschland GmbH

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