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Are You in A Metals Processing Industry?

Metal production industries are prevalent throughout the world. Innovation is an important topic throughout the metals processing industry. Whether a continuous casting plant, hot or cold rolling mill, galvanizing, coating, painting, or any combination of the above; chances are you are seeking ways to improve and optimize your production process.

As a global leader in the development and supply of papermaking technologies and equipment, Kadant’s innovations have been extended to a variety of process industries beyond pulp and paper. A few examples are provided below.

Clean rolls make a difference in metal processing.  Our family of roll cleaning blades and roll cleaning blade holders set the bar for roll cleaning and contaminant removal. The patented VeriLite™ roll cleaning assembly and the VeriKleen™ roll cleaning assembly were specifically designed to overcome the two reasons metal processors have not implemented continuous cleaning solutions on every roll: cost and complexity.

These continuous cleaning systems are further enhanced by application-specific blade and pad materials as well as oscillators and roll traversing mechanisms. 

If a process requires spraying cooling water or cleaning chemicals onto a strip, a stationary or oscillating shower system can precisely apply fluids with little to no waste. When coupled with Kadant filtration equipment, our water management experts can help keep your treatment chemicals in solution while filtering dirt, debris, and dross.

  • Written by:
    Aaron Hickman

    Aaron Hickman

    Business Development Manager, Kadant Solutions Division

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