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Choosing the Right Scraping Blade for Your Application

Doctoring is the act of cleaning, scraping, and removing stock accumulations, water, pitch, filler, or buildup from a roll surface with a blade. Doctors also remove the sheet from a roll surface or prevent the sheet or web from wrapping a roll surface during a break. Additionally, doctors are used to crepe tissue and apply coating to a sheet or flake product off a roll.

A scraper blade or doctor blade is a part of a doctoring or roll cleaning system and it is what makes contact with the roll surface and performs the desired function.

Kadant manufactures over 30 unique scraper blades using a variety of composite, metal, and advanced nanotechnology materials. Dr. Mike Draper and his team in the research and development department at Kadant UK design individual blades to comply with specific needs identified within the application. The three main considerations are application, operating conditions, and roll surface. This is a helpful guide to choosing the right scraper blade for your needs.

Choosing scraper blade SM

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

    Dr. Mike Draper

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