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Clean Rolls Make a Difference in Metal Processing Lines

Processing strip metal in continuous form is full of challenges. The strip is conveyed over and through numerous rolls, many of which contact the strip and have a direct effect on quality. Adding roll cleaning systems has proven to help maximum run rate, yield and improve product quality in these processing lines.

In strip treating and coating lines the roll cleaning systems are installed on bridle rolls, deflector rolls, tension levelers, and accumulator tower rolls. The system runs continuously; removing scale, oxide build-up, and roll pickup from the roll surface. Keeping the rolls clean eliminates strip preventing damage to the roll surface.

In a rolling mill environment, a proper blade system is required on the backing rolls to clean and prevent the lubricating fluid from ringing around the roll and marking the strip. Uniform blade pressure and angle is important, especially considering the high speed that some rolling mills operate. Some systems are compact and can be installed on working rolls contacting the strip, so roll condition is even more important.

Previous approaches to roll cleaning included cleaning blocks or pads, but these cannot remove particles from the roll surface. Kadant offers a complete line of roll cleaning solutions used in applications such as rolling mills and treating lines such as annealing, galvanizing, pickling, and coil coating lines.

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  • Written by:
    Jerry Vandoros

    Jerry Vandoros

    Technical Director, Kadant Solutions Division

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