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Flaking and Drum Drying Process Optimization

6 AccuFlake PRO FactsIn the early 1940’s, U.S. farmers and food producers began developing the first potato dehydration process to better feed troops overseas. While this process has extended to a variety of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and nutrient processing, the critical step of removing dried product from the drum surface remains a challenge:

  • Thick metal blades (knives) require heavy loading forces to conform to the surface of a heated or cooled drum.
  • Clamped style blade holders restrict thermal expansion and contraction of thin metal blades causing them to ripple.
  • Heavy loading forces cause blades to wear quickly.

Many of the technological advances developed and patented by Kadant Solutions Division optimize the flaking and drum drying process.

  • Free-floating blade holders like the patent-pending AccuFlake™ PRO blade holder allow thin metal blades to be used without buckling and allow for simple, swift, safe blade changes.
  • Long life metal blades such as the ProFlake™ doctor blade enables longer production runs.
  • Durable and robust knife oscillation enable product removal at lower loading forces.
  • Written by:
    Aaron Hickman

    Aaron Hickman

    Business Development Manager, Kadant Solutions Division

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