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Genuine Parts Offer Consistent Operation Performance and Employee Safety

Why is it important to use OEM genuine parts when repairing your equipment? There are many reasons ranging from operating performance to employee safety. Let’s look at an example.

The spray nozzles below appear the same. You can get the one on the left for 50% less than the one on the right. Why would you go with the more expensive option?

Nozzle HiRes 21Nozzle HiRes 21

The answer is thread galling. Thread galling issues are common with high-pressure spray nozzles during installation and removal. However, using Kadant’s OEM spray nozzles with Arrestech nozzle enhancement stops thread galling and speeds installation.

Operational efficiency and safety are compromised when process machinery equipment is not properly maintained with OEM genuine repair parts. Using genuine parts is the only way to ensure the highest product quality and integrity is maintained. It is also the only way to ensure you have the latest design and material specs for the product.

The life-cycle cost of parts from third-party suppliers is invariably much higher when knock-offs are made to a different quality standard. The initial purchase cost can often be higher as well when parts do not fit correctly or need to be re-machined to fit the current geometry of the mating component.

Let’s look at another example.

ConformaticAL Maquina Papel 2When working with a creping blade holder all conforming tubes are the same, right?

Wrong. When using a Kadant Solutions Conformatic™ creping holder there is a liquid conforming tube that is critical to its operation. If the liquid load tube is replaced with a solid plastic tube, or even worse, a solid stainless rod, this will drastically reduce the efficiency of the creping holder and result in uneven load, poor blade profiles, and a tendency to vibrate and cause chatter marks.

Most importantly, using OEM genuine parts reassures the safety of your employees. Extensive research, time, and money are invested in developing OEM products to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance are met. When using knock-off parts, there is no guarantee these components meet the OEM’s current standards. They are not subjected to the OEM quality requirements or design standards, and are often made from different materials which drives the lower purchase cost. Off-spec designs, however, can affect the function and safety of the product, which can lead to premature wear, damage to equipment, and even accidents, putting operators at a considerable safety risk.

  • Written by:
    Vicki Hunsberger

    Vicki Hunsberger

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Solutions

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