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UK Chocolate Producer Increases Continuous Cleaning and Reduces Roll Damage

Chocolate VeriLiteWhen operating a fast-paced, 24/7 chocolate production facility, poor, OEM clamp-style roll scraper performance was causing a major headache and not performing well. It experienced misalignment frequently, required complete removal to change the blade, was damaging the polyurethane roll, and the cleaning level was insufficient. This led to the customer search for a better solution.

By installing two VeriLite™ X roll cleaner assemblies complete with HACCP International certified VeriTek™ blades, the contamination was seamlessly removed and provided a level of continuous cleaning that the facility had never experienced. Blade changes were much quicker, and the risk of roll damage was removed by using the VeriLite roll cleaner assembly and VeriTek blade.

Following the successful implementation of the VeriLite X roll cleaner assembly, the management team at the chocolate production facility plans to standardize the VeriLite roll cleaner assembly across their plant by replacing all OEM clamp-style roll scraper systems and installing additional units in key areas of contamination build-up.

Future installations may include the VeriLite X roll cleaner assembly on various polyurethane belts across the production facility to reduce belt damage, track issues caused by contamination build-up, and increase continuous cleaning. This is a great example of the success that the VeriLite roll cleaner assembly can have on food production by increasing continuous cleaning, reducing machine downtime, and negating manual cleaning hours being wasted.

  • Written by:

    Phil Eastwood

    Industrial Sales Engineer, Kadant UK

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