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What is Fluid Handling?

Kadant is a global supplier of high-value, critical components and engineered systems used in process industries worldwide. We have a diverse and large customer base, including most of the world's major paper, lumber and oriented strand board (OSB) manufacturers, and various mining companies serving multiple industries.  Our products, technologies, and services play an integral role in enhancing process efficiency, optimizing energy utilization, and maximizing productivity in resource-intensive industries. Our business is comprised of three reportable operating segments and within those segments there are various product lines. Fluid Handling is one of those product lines.

The Kadant businesses that fall within Fluid Handling develop, manufacture, and market fluid handling systems and equipment used to efficiently transfer fluid, power, and data. The most common media used are steam, thermal oil, and water. The principal fluid handling offerings include:

  • Rotary joints and unions: Mechanical devices, used with rotating shafts allow the transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into and out of rotating machinery for heating, cooling, or the transfer of fluid power.
  • Syphons: Devices installed inside rotating cylinders used to remove fluids from the rotating cylinders through rotary joints or unions located on either end of the cylinder.
  • Turbulator® bars: Steel or stainless steel axial bars, installed on the inside of cylinders, are used to induce turbulence in the condensate layer to improve the uniformity and rate of heat transfer through the cylinders.
  • Expansion joints: Rubber, metal, fabric, and other materials are used to compensate for movement due to thermal expansion, vibration, and other causes.
  • Engineered steam and condensate systems: Steam systems control the flow of steam from the boiler to the point of use, collect condensed steam, and return it to the boiler to improve energy efficiency during the manufacturing process.

Many of these fluid handling products are used in the dryer section of the papermaking process and during the production of corrugated packaging, metals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, energy, rubber, textiles, chemicals, and food.

The transfer of fluids using Kadant products ranges from the actual containment of the fluid in vessels and pipes to highly-engineered rotary unions that allow a piece of rotating machine to be supplied with a fluid from a fixed pipe. Kadant steam system experts have specialized knowledge that can help design and control the pressure and flows required to make fluid transfer within a process.

Incorrect or poor fluid handling can lead to leaking systems, flooded equipment, and energy wasted resulting in downtime, poor process efficiencies, and potentially serious safety issues such as over pressurization and environmental implications.

Kadant can audit process systems to ensure correct fluid handling to maintain efficient productivity and process optimization.

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

    David Moss

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