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Kadant UK Can Help Europe Save Water

The 2018 European summer has been unprecedentedly hot combined with a significant lack of rainfall which has provided desperate situations for many farmers and industrial companies that require large quantities of water. A recent New York Times article suggested the temperatures currently seen will be the norm by 2060 with reservoirs and river levels continuing to fall. These difficult times make it prudent to assess how people are consuming water and what can be done at an industrial-scale to recycle and reduce use as much as possible.

Kadant UK is helping its industrial customers decrease water consumption by providing its latest water resource recovery strainers developed to cost-effectively filter unwanted fibrous materials and solid particles in the manufacturing process and reuse the process water.

Applications such as food processing, pulp and paper, tissue, nonwovens, and automotive manufacturing use the RotoFlex™ resource recovery strainer to filter contaminated water and make it reusable. The water is recycled back into the manufacturing processes or directed towards sustainable agriculture projects for farmers to grow indigenous crops reducing water consumption and heavy demands on community resources.

The patented RotoFlex resource recovery strainer features a backless filter media design, innovative filter media cleaning system and can change rotation speed of the screen to allow dryness variation in recovered fibre. There are many features that distinguish it from other filtration products on the market including no electrical motor required, continuous operation, high solids handling capacity, and quick filter media change.

Watch this video to learn more about the advantages of the RotoFlex resource recovery strainer and schedule your trial today.

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

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