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Kadant Hits Nanotechnology-Enhanced Blade Milestone

AUBURN, Mass., April 2, 2020 – Kadant Solutions, a division of Kadant Inc. (NYSE: KAI), reached a milestone in nanotechnology-enhanced composite doctor blades sales. Since the launch a few years ago nanotechnology-enhanced blades represent Kadant’s largest volume composite doctor blade type.

The nanotechnology-enhanced composite blade line provides a unique technology for paper and tissue mill applications in North America, Europe, and China. The nanotechnology-enhanced resins allow the composite resin matrix to be manipulated on a molecular scale to produce high-performing, wear resistant doctor blades.

According to Scott Borges, product manager at Kadant Solutions, “The results we have seen in mills throughout North America, Europe, and China have exceeded our expectations with respect to nanotechnology-enhanced blade performance and operating characteristics. The advances in material manipulation, from microtechnology to nanotechnology, have allowed us to further enhance the performance of our doctor blades on the toughest applications, including stickies removal from lead-in paper dryers, hard-rubber wet-end rolls, and critical positions on press rolls.”

The nanotechnology-based doctor blades have increased stiffness, increased resistance to chipping, improved interlaminar bonding, and have a lower coefficient of friction compared to conventional blades. As a result, roll surface cleaning is improved and doctor blade life has been shown to increase significantly compared to that of conventional blades. The high-performance doctor blade results in fewer blade changes and the potential for reduced operating costs while enhancing overall doctoring and machine efficiency.

About Kadant Solutions

Kadant Solutions, based in Auburn, Massachusetts, is a leading supplier of doctor blades, doctor blade holders, and doctoring systems for papermaking and other industrial processes. The company’s cleaning and conditioning products are applied to the cleaning of forming and press fabrics and the filtration of process water as well as engineered wet-end products for papermaking.

About Kadant

Kadant Inc. is a global supplier of high-value, critical components and engineered systems used in process industries worldwide. The Company’s products, technologies, and services play an integral role in enhancing process efficiency, optimizing energy utilization, and maximizing productivity in resource-intensive industries. Kadant is based in Westford, Massachusetts, with approximately 2,800 employees in 20 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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