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Welcome to the Kadant Toolbox, the official blog of Kadant. We know running an efficient operation with a reliable process is what your operational performance relies on, so we put our team to work for you to provide instruction, best practices, and technical know-how. 

Latest Articles

Value Stream for Sustainability

Cartiera di Bosco Marengo partnered with Kadant Lamort to develop innovations in stock preparation and plastics recovery.

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Paper Mill Insights Behind the New PT2X™ Rotary Joint

To develop the next generation rotary joints specifically engineered for paper mills, Kadant Johnson’s product development group first enhanced the robustness of the current, industry-leading PTX® rotary joint.

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Expansion Joint Basics

Expansion joints provide relief from stresses caused by mechanical and thermal expansion and contraction in pipelines due to varying ambient temperatures, varying temperature of materials handled, and pipeline material composition.

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