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Kadant Solutions Reflects on National Safety Month

Safety Stock SMThe dictionary defines the word safety as, “the state of being safe; freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss.”  So, what does safety mean to you personally and at work? Everyone defines safety differently depending on environment, situations, and experiences. June is the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month and to raise awareness about safety at Kadant Solutions, I asked several colleagues what safety means to them.

“Safety is the first and number one thing we can do for our employees; to train them how to be safe in their job and their surroundings and keep each other safe.” – Jeff B., Operations Manager

“Safety means that my family, friends, and customers all go home after a good day’s work. Safety has come a long way since the beginning of my career, from safety shoes and hearing protection to videos and training.” – Lori K., Business Development Manager

kadant library 2019 303 SM"Safety means having respect for your tools and machinery, your workspace, and most of all your fellow employees." – Mike R., R&D Technician

"Twenty-three years ago, a colleague taught me a safety lesson I still use today: always have three points of contact when using stairs. This taught me that safety applies to all aspects of my life. Every time I use the stairs, I have a hand on the railing." – Chad M., 80/20 Director

“Safety is the difference between maintaining healthy mobility and a life altering injury, or worse.” – Korey J., – Director of Sales, Service, and Marketing

“What first comes to mind is going home with the same number of fingers each day, but I realize it's bigger than that. So much of the equipment we offer is a dramatic improvement in safety for our customers. If they must constantly choose between high quality/low scrap production and operator safety, that's the first step towards a life changing injury.” – Aaron H., Business Development Manager

kadant library 2019 078 SM"Safety means using the most efficient and safe processes to manufacture our products, and to make sure we're doing our best to keep our customers safe, such as adding edge protection to our CeraEdge creping blades for tissue mills or ensuring our products are food safe per the HACCP International protocols for food processing plants." – Stacey J., Product Specialist - Blades

“Safety means always asking the question, ‘What could go wrong?’ and then being proactive in taking steps to prevent these possibilities. This applies to designing a new product, assembling a machine, troubleshooting or maintaining equipment, and performing maintenance on or cleaning a building.” – Allen B., R&D Manager

“Keeping everyone out of harm’s way to prevent injuries, especially life altering ones.” Mike P., - Foreman and Quality Manager

Kadant Solutions takes pride in continually assessing safety procedures inside our company, when working with customers, and encouraging safety awareness in all aspects of life.

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    Vicki Hunsberger

    Vicki Hunsberger

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Solutions

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