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What is the M-Clean™ System Washing Cabinet?

Washing Station SMWidely accepted as the industry standard dryer fabric cleaning device in the paper and board industry, Kadant recently introduced an enhanced system for thoroughly washing the cleaning head of the M-clean™ PRO.

When an M-clean PRO cleaner starts its cleaning sequence of a fabric, the washing cabinet opens, and the cleaning head leaves the parking position. After the cleaning is completed, the head returns to the parking position, which is inside the washing cabinet, the cabinet then closes around the head by an air cylinder operation and the washing function commences.

During the intense washing procedure, the cleaning system’s vacuum system is working to extract the spray water and debris. There is a drain connection with a flexible hose to remove the remaining spray water out of the washing cabinet.

The washing sequence is typically a couple of minutes. If additional washing time is required, this can easily be prolonged in the control program.

The washing cabinet is equipped with approximately 20-25 nozzles in fixed positions to reach all angles of the cleaning head.

Kadant has supplied several washing cabinets for new projects and retrofit items for a range of dryer fabric cleaners installed worldwide. As reported in an earlier edition of BPMN news, there are over 1,100 successful installations.

  • Written by:

    Helen Phillips

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