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The Road to Operational Excellence: How Plant Audits by Kadant’s Audit Team Transform Manufacturing Processes

Audit Thumbnail v1 editConducting an audit on a fiber processing plant can help identify problems and uncover improvement opportunities, including:

  • system bottlenecks
  • optimization opportunities
  • performance improvements
  • strategic realignment
  • continuous improvement possibilities
  • necessary corrective actions

Additionally, a technical audit of a plant by Kadant can pinpoint current challenges within the system. Our team of experts at Kadant Lamort SAS are equipped to foresee problems to help customers save time and minimize shutdown losses.

The two main types of audits provided by our team of experts are: 

Mechanical audits

Our team provides an on-site service to inspect individual equipment or the entire production line. We offer advice to customers on the correct approach to conducting accurate maintenance. Additionally, we offer training sessions on maintenance procedures.

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Process audits

Our team conducts thorough reviews of individual equipment or the entire system, gathering data to assist in process optimization. We provide customers with guidance on the proper operation of the production line. Furthermore, we offer training programs on process management.

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How can conducting a plant audit with Kadant benefit you?

  • Conducting audits in a timely manner aids in optimizing both the equipment and the overall system.
  • Audits contribute to the improvement of production quality.
  • By identifying and rectifying problems in advance, audits help in cost savings.
  • Our team assists in identifying potential issues ahead of time and provides suggestions to minimize or avoid downtime.
  • Audits ensure compliance with a continuously evolving set of standard operating conditions and expectations.
  • The audits also serve to identify bottlenecks in the process and enable the implementation of corrective actions.

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  • Written by:
    Utkarsh Agarwal

    Utkarsh Agarwal

    Global Marketing Manager (Kadant Lamort)
    Kadant India Pvt. Ltd.

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