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Expansion Joints at Sea

PTFE Lined Bellows EDITOn March 4, 2022, the newest and largest cruise ship was introduced at just over 1,100-feet long. Beneath the glamour and luxury of these grand cruise ships lies a critical network of pipes and hoses that keep these behemoths moving across the seas. The miles of pipelines and ducting systems behind the scenes of these cruise ships carry fluids and gases throughout the vessel.

Kadant Unaflex is a primary supplier of the expansion joints, primarily metal bellows expansion joints, and hose that support these engineering marvels. The expansion joints provide stress relief from thermal and mechanical expansion to preserve the integrity of the pipe systems.

Metal bellows expansion joints are designed to take up far less space than piping bends and expansion loops require which is one of the many reasons they are the primary expansion joint type found in these cruise ship network of pipes and

  • Written by:

    Jason Pruitt

    Technology & Creative Services Coordinator, Kadant Unaflex

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