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Watch Out Ireland, Here Comes Kadant UK

Kadant’s unique scraper solutions, steam and condensate systems, and filtration and rotary joint product offerings will be showcased at the upcoming Irish Food and Drink exhibition on September 5. The exhibition is described as “the largest gathering of food industry professionals on the island of Ireland.” The diverse group of companies exhibiting, which includes farmers, OEMS, and packaging companies, reflect the growing trend of “seed-to-shelf” within the industry.

Kadant UK has approached this exhibition with the idea of focusing on four major product categories that are already prevalent within the food industry in Europe and around the globe. Kevin Callus, managing director of Kadant UK, stated, “Ireland has proven to be a major food and beverage leader and Kadant products are highly suited to this industry and its applications.”

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

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