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Expertise and Efficiency Beyond Rotary Joints

blog post 2 photoIn 1930, The Johnson Corporation, today Kadant Johnson, started the history of the rotary joint. This was a new sealing device to allow water and/or steam to be introduced in cylinders in an economical way. The rotary joint replaced packing glands and packing boxes. This soon became the preferred method to admit fluid or gas into a rotating cylinder. 

Besides this special and unique product, we offer a full range of products and solutions for different industrial processes related to our fluid handling requirements, and doctoring, cleaning, and filtration systems. Through the collaboration of the diverse Kadant entities such as Kadant Johnson Europe, Kadant UK, Johnson-Fluiten, Kadant Lamort, Kadant Black Clawson, and others, we can provide not only rotary joints but full solutions and service to the whole manufacturing process.  

Using the expertise from high performance applications in paper mills, our team members can apply this knowledge to other industries, from metal, non-wool, plastic to food industries. Based always on the four pillars: innovation, acquisitions, automation, and sustainability, the transformation from a product focus to a solutions provider company started. 

As Kadant products, technologies, and services play an integral role in enhancing process efficiency, optimizing energy utilization, and maximizing productivity in resource-intensive businesses, more clients are realizing the value of working with one supplier, Kadant, for their entire production process.

Besides the well-known products offered by Kadant’s subsidiaries, we also provide services such as testing, proper installations, dryer sections repair and rebuilds, roll cleaning, and deficiencies in steam and condensate pressure vessels identification.  

In addition, we also provide repair kits and safety audits to assess safety, housekeeping, and operational gaps.  All to improve the results in industrial processes for our customers and to help them achieve more productivity, energy savings, and efficiency. 

  • Written by:
    Karen Beker

    Karen Beker

    EMEAI Marketing Manager, Kadant Johnson Europe

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