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New Online Instructions Simplify Installation and Repair

Kadant Johnson products often operate for years or even decades between installation and repairs. This often leaves maintenance staff with little experience installing or servicing our products. Our new online instructions give even the newest maintenance personnel the tools they need to be successful and efficient.

The instructions feature clear step-by-step visuals with concise text. Supplemental installation materials are all accessible within the same installation guide, and the format is adaptable to customers' preference for mobile or print.  And as always, the experts at Kadant Johnson are only a phone call away.

PT2X Insturctions Top SM

Less Text, More Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is true with instructions. The step-by-step guides include concise text with clear visuals. The parts associated with that step are highlighted in red.

More Graphics Less Text SM

All Resources in One Spot

There are many resources available to customers when installing our products. These include installation videos and animations, ProTip videos, and supplementary instructions. Our new online format makes these resources available every step of the way with a simple click.

Additonal Resources SM EDITED

Mobile Friendly and Still Printable

Many customers use smart phones or tablets to refer to instructions, while some still prefer printed instructions. Our new format accommodates both.


Our Experts Are Here to Help

Kadant Johnson experts are always available to help. We can answer questions, provide onsite support, or do the installation for the customer. Every set of instructions makes it easy to contact us via the web or phone.


  • Written by:
    Casey Beck

    Casey Beck

    Director of Marketing, Kadant Johnson

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