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Quality Excellence at Kadant Unaflex

doubleArch secureflex SMKadant Unaflex is committed to quality excellence by doing quality the UNA way:

  • U – Understand customer’s needs and expectations
  • N – Never sacrifice quality
  • A – Appreciate everyone

Over the past few years, Kadant Unflex has worked to create a culture of quality. Employees understand their impact and importance to quality through hands on training, daily interaction with the quality team, and communication. Training is provided in a constructive manner that helps employees to retain the critical areas of the processes. There is a trained quality professional always available to answer questions and assist. When processes and information change, employees are given this information.

Equipping employees with the knowledge and tools to be successful is instrumental in ensuring quality excellence. Sharing knowledge is a two-way street. Employees learn as much from management, as management does from the employees. This creates a collaboration to ensure the best product gets to the customer in the most efficient way. Without our knowledgeable employees, we would not be able to produce quality products within specification to our customers. The hard work and dedication that each employee puts into their work is appreciated. Without our hardworking employees, we would not have a long-lasting business of repeat customers that look to us for exceptional service and quality.

When employees were asked what quality meant to them, here’s what they had to say:

“It is of the most importance to keep safety and quality in the forefront of everything we do. Without safety and quality, we cannot have production.” -Andres P., vice president of operations

“Continuously striving to optimize processes.” -Brielle L., production coordinator

“Perfection, a perfect product meaning no defects.” -Will H., Thermaflex supervisor

“Quality means a lot. Forget quantity I want quality. It has to be correct.” -Dominic H., production operator

“Taking pride in your work. I build it like I am buying it.” John G., metal supervisor

“Happy customer, I want to make sure I am doing my job to the best of my ability to make the customer happy.” Allison B., receiving operator

“Good parts going out, no defects.” Marcus Q., finishing operator

“Customer satisfaction through excellence.” Patrick W., quality inspector

“Giving our best product and service.” Alyssa G., administrative specialist

“Ethics – Doing the right thing when no one else is looking. If I don’t do a good job now, it can have an effect later.” Mia V., quality specialist.

  • Written by:

    Ciera Pruitt

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